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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper ♥

I finally listed some needle felted hair clips in my Etsy Shop.  It took me long enough...only about 2 years of procrastinating.
I make hair clips that are covered in wool felt, and sew a little needle felted object on them.  I needed to take some photos for the listing, so I asked Cora for some help.  When I asked her, she said "Sure Mommy.  I'll help you.".  It was bedtime when I asked her...I meant we'd take the pictures in the morning.  So, I went to go brush my teeth, and when I came back into the bedroom, this is what I saw.

Cora with lots of hair clips onCora with lots of hair clips on

She said "I'm ready Mommy!".  I said "Oh my.  That's not quite what I had in mind, but yet a very effective way to display all of your clips at once!".
I love my little helper!

(I did also want to note.  These are my daughters hair clips, not the ones I am selling.  I don't want people to think we put them in our hair before I sell them!☺)


  1. Hi These clips are pretty cool, cheers from New Zealand Marie

  2. Thanks Marie! They look much better when only worn one or two at a time. My help is entertaining though! =)

  3. These are really nice--congrats getting your shop set up...happy felting!

  4. Hi, I must say it: Your hair clips are just lovely! Good luck with them!

  5. Thanks KooKoo! I love your crochet creations too. The dolls are adorable! =)


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