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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day of Fun With My Girl!

I went and got my DBA today.  I am officially Whim Wham now!
My daughter Cora went with me and was amazed at how big the building (court house) was.  This building is like the size of a Barnes and Nobel in the city.  I didn't realize until then how sheltered she is becoming living in the country.  Time to take a trip to Chicago and show her some real big buildings.
Anyway, we wanted to celebrate the new business, so I let Cora pick somewhere to go out to eat tonight. She picked her favorite restaurant of course, China Buffet.  She was so cute tonight, eating with her chopsticks and congratulating me a hundred times. She even did a cheers with her glass to mine.  I had a great time hanging out with her.  She seemed so grown up to me today.
Cora using chopsticks
After we ate, I had to stop at the store to get some shipping supplies.  Cora had money from Grandma burning a hole in her pocket, so she bought a bucket of glow in the dark plastic perler beads (those things you arrange into patterns on pegs, and melt together with an iron).  These plastic beads rank right up there on my list of favorite crafts, as plastic canvas does, but she couldn't wait to use them (I love that she wants to spend her money on crafting supplies :).  So, we got home, tore into that bucket and made melted bead art literally all night.  Her room is just glowing!  Couldn't have asked for a better day!

name plate made of perler beadsstar mobil made from glow in the dark perler beadsGlow in the Dark Perler Bead Activity Kit

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