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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making the plunge and wishing I had floaties!

I have been sitting back and silently reading craft blogs, thinking to myself... "I would like to have a craft blog too someday.  That would be fun!".  Well, the time has come and I am diving in, but I am starting to feel like I can barley keep my head above water.  I am trying to get everything set up all at the same time, and am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I have started this blog, an Etsy store, a Flickr, you tube, Twitter (still not even sure what that is??), and all of the web analytics stuff (also very confusing).  I cannot wait until all of this becomes second nature, but until then, please bear with me. 
I will learn this...probably while publicly embarrassing myself on occasion, but by golly, I am not giving up after all of the work thus far.  I now have a much greater appreciation to all of the craft bloggers and etsy store owners out there.  Thanks for all of your time and effort! :)

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