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Friday, February 26, 2010

We Made Paper Mache Jewlery with Inkjet Transfers Today!

So I saw a tweet today from SisterDiane linking to a site with a tutorial on making paper mache pendants.  The site is Make Paper Crafts.  It has lots of cool projects on how to make jewelry and other things, all out of paper.
Well, after reading the blog, I went into Cora's room and she was cutting paper into tiny pieces....so I thought, she's already got it started.  Let's make some paper mache jewelry!

First, I cut out some shapes from a thick cardstock.  We made a rectangle, circle, and heart.  Then we covered the shapes with watered down glue, and all of the bits of paper she had cut up.  Once they were dry, we painted them with acrylic paints.
The next part was the cool discovery for the day.  We wanted to put inkjet printed pictures on them. Transfers are cool, but inkjet transfers can be difficult.  I have heard of doing inkjet transfers with transparency film before, but I had none on hand, so I had to improvise.  For some crazy reason, I thought if I could adhere cling wrap to paper, I could run it through the printer.  So, that's exactly what I did.
I took a sheet of paper, and put a piece of cling wrap on top of it (both the same size).  Then on top of that, I put a scrap piece of fabric and ironed (on a low setting- poly/rayon) for a couple seconds.  The cling wrap adheres to the paper, but not the fabric.  I ironed it until all of the cling wrap was melted down.  It does shrink towards the middle, so I left the fabric on for a couple seconds before removing, so the paper doesn't distort before it cools.  Then I ran it through the printer (printing on the cling wrap side of course).  You have to adjust the picture placement, to make sure it prints toward the middle of the page on the cling wrap part, and be sure to mirror images for text.
There are 2 ways to use the transfer now, with the paper attached or you can peel the cling wrap off (yes, believe it or not, it peels off).  I found it difficult to use when it was peeled off, because it wants to roll onto itself, so I left it attached to the paper.  I just wanted the ink off of there, so as soon as the image printed, I cut it out and put it face down on my pendant.  I rubbed the back a bit, and the print was transferred from the cling wrap to my pendant!  Cool right?
Since this wasn't a flat surface, they are kind of blurry, but we were still happy with the results.  I sprayed them with an acrylic sealer too, so the ink doesn't run if it gets wet.  Here's how they turned out.  The transfers are the flower (very light and hard to see), the lucky clover (which I accidently smeared, because I'm not lucky), and the bird on a mushroom.  Hey, I got 1 out of 3!  I know...I suck, but you can always paint over them and try again!

paper mache jewlery with inkjet transferspaper mache jewlery with inkjet transfers
I think it would be cool to try this cling wrap method in other crafts.  Maybe print a picture on it, let it dry, peel it off, and then iron it (with something covering the cling wrap of course- never iron directly) face down onto another surface...like napkins for a party or something.   Lots of cling wrap possibilities!  Wait...that came out wrong!  Anyway, you get the idea.  Give it a try!


  1. What a great idea! I never would have come up with this - but I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing your results - very cool experimentation! xx

  2. This idea is exactly what I needed to finish off some ATCs that are due for a swap I'm in. Thank you! Truly brilliant.

  3. A great, GREAT idea!! Thank you both for sharing this with us. I'm saving this info to try myself. I even wonder how it would look on fabric or paper mache beeds?

  4. No problem Gloria! Fabric can actually be put through an inkjet printer if backed with freezer paper...I don't know how it would work out as a transfer. Good luck experimenting. Post pics of your creations in the flickr group! :)


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