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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Make Glass Gem Marble Magnets

glass gem marble magnets

I made a quick craft project tonight with Cora.  I had some iridescent glass gems that Cora loved to play with, so today at the store I picked up some clear ones hoping to make some magnets with her tonight.  The clerk however, did not give me all of the bags from my purchase, causing me to have to drive 25 miles back to the store again to claim them.  So after that adventure, I knew we were definitely going to make these magnets tonight!

Here is what we used to make them:
  • clear glass gem marbles
  • clear silicone sealant
  • button magnets
  • little pictures or images (from fabric,magazines, stickers, junk mail address labels, photos, etc.)

These were super easy to make and only took us about 10 minutes to make all 10 of them.  Pick out the pictures you want to use and place a glass gem over top of it to make sure it fits.  The gems magnify the image, so just make sure the part you want to show is centered.  The glass gems are all different sizes.  I sort  through them first, to make sure they were big enough to cover the whole magnet.
Once you have your image picked out, use your magnet as a template and draw a circle around the selected image.  Cut out the image and spread a very thin layer of sealant on the magnet to adhere the picture.  Then place a pea sized dot of sealant on the image, and smush a glass gem marble onto it (flat side down of course).  That's it!  Super easy huh?  If you are using stickers or address labels like we did, it's even easier.  Just cut them out, stick them on, and add the sealant and glass gem marble!
Let them dry overnight and give your fridge the ability to hold many more works of art, or useful reminders like this....
glass gem marble magnet

I hope you have as much fun making these as we did!

P.S. Just a word warning.  The new labels on all of the button magnets say they contain lead dust.  Make sure to clean up well!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, these are very cute.


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