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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let Your Little Girl Be Alice in Wonderland for a Day!

Cora as Alice in Wonderland
My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland!  She has watched the cartoon so many times and is now obsessed with the made for TV movie of it from the 80's.  The littlest things that have to do with the movie make her so happy.  She found a pocket watch of her papa's and suddenly turned into the white rabbit looking for her gloves and fan.  She seemed to love pretend playing Alice so much, that I thought I would help out her imagination!
I bought a frilly dress at the thrift store for $5 and let her wear it out for a nature walk.  We also had to keep her hair down (which for Cora could be a knotted disaster, but it actually combed through relativity well later on).  So dressed and ready to go, off we went for a nature walk looking for rabbit holes!
 I walked along with her pretend playing that we saw the rabbit and the Cheshire cat.  We kept growing, shrinking, and crawling along.  We barley escaped when we had to run away from the Red Queen!
It was a fun time to spend together, making me reconnect with my own childhood.
Nothing beats a walk through the woods and a little imagination! =)

Cora as Alice in Wonderland

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